(Spring Semester)
Feb. 23-24Course Registration for Spring Semester
Feb. 25-27Orientation for International Students
Mar. 1National Holiday
Mar. 2Classes Begin
Mar. 2-6Courses Add & Drop Period
Apr. 20-24Midterm Exams
May 5National Holiday
May. 13-14University Festival
Jun. 6National Holiday
Jun. 8-12Final Exams
Jun. 17Summer Vacation Begins
(Fall Semester)
Aug. 19-20Course Registration for Fall Semester
Aug. 27Orientation for International Students
Sept. 1Classes Begin
Sept. 1~7Courses Add & Drop Period
Sept. 26-28National Holiday (Chusok)
Oct. 3National Holiday
Oct. 7Sports Day
Oct. 15University Foundation Day
Oct. 20~26Midterm Exams
Nov. 1-30Academic Forum Festival
Nov. 18-19Thanksgiving Chapel
Dec. 8~14Final Exams
Dec. 21Winter Vacation Begins
Feb. 17 Graduation Ceremony

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