Welcome to Pyeongtaek University!

Founded in 1912 in accordance with the will of an American missionary Dr. Arthur T. Pierson, Pyeongtaek University has maintained a 100-year history of practicing Truth, Justice, and Service based on the spirit of Christianity. We are now committed to opening a new horizon for next 100 years of history.

We are proud to be able to produce creative knowledge, cultivate talented individuals who can demonstrate their abilities in practice through experiential learning. We also pursue a development of wide range of academics and research programs that contribute to the national and local communities.

In particular, we cultivate talented young people for our society based on student-centered education. In order to achieve global competitiveness, we have established sisterhood relationship with universities around the world and exchange many international students every year. We develop systematic learning skills through various curriculums, general education courses and convergence majors which enable students to choose various majors. We are taking various approaches to future-oriented academics such as Information and Communications Technology to become a hub for advanced academics and research program.

We continuously explore the academics and researches required by the times and society in order to grow and coexists with the local community. We would like to have your steadfast support and regard.

Thank you.
Phil-Joo Moon
Acting President
Professor, Department of Information and Communication