" Pyeongtaek University - Birthplace of Global Leaders! "
Pyeongtaek University, an institute with both a long history and young spirit, is striving to become a global player with creativity, energy and a challenging spirit.

In 1912, Pyeongtaek University was established in Seoul as Pierson Memorial Union Bible Institute transcending denomination in accordance with the last wishes of American missionary Dr. Arthur T. Pierson. Permission was granted to establish the Pierson Memorial Bible School Foundation on September 1, 1913, and since then the school has contributed to nurturing Korean Christian leaders as well as evangelizing in Korea. The school was permitted to become Pierson College on November 28, 1990 and then upgraded to Pierson University on April 23, 1992. The current name of Pyeongtaek University was adopted on March 1, 1996.

Pyeongtaek University now provides quality higher education through twenty-five undergraduate programs, and five graduate schools, including a seminary graduate school and four professional graduate schools (Social Work, Information, Education and Counseling). Pursuing the vision of "Educational Excellence in the Spirit of Christianity" it offers an ideal program in cooperation with the local business industries and community. PTU’s goal is to emerge as one of the most prestigious universities in Korea.

The school motto is "Truth, Justice and Service," and is committed to providing a truthful and liberal education and to nurturing professionals who can contribute to the advancement of Korea. At the same time, it is training religious and social leaders in a Christian spirit, helping to create a better society in accordance with its founding charter and the educational values of the Republic of Korea. The 100 year-old school is now making a fresh start as the only university in the Pyeongtaek area. The global environment is changing and competition among countries and universities is keen, prompting Pyeongtaek University to strengthen ties with the local community and strive to produce leaders who will lead Korea in the 21st century. This commitment is strengthening its foundation as a top quality educational institute.